T.C.T. new shit!!

Tower Crane Towers began as a street art / photography concept, that branched out to “give a soundtrack” to images and design. DIY perfuming, photography and silkscreening are all incorporated into the musical output via their first vinyl release.

“Cloudy skies, clear intentions” is there new shit with 6 brand new songs; with fresh and fast guitar riffs….. damn this melodic punk rock album is sooo good!!!

If you collect vinyl records, definitely you must get this bad boy… their colors are so cool (is a masterpiece).

Fav song: “The Granger”.

*Thanx for this killer gift*

TcT body consists of:
(w) veins
(t) cords
(J) capillaries
(p) arteries
(m) hear

TcT contact

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