When I serach new shit, this is the kind of shit I’m talking about!! Formed at the end of 2020 in North Jersey, taking a couple months to practice, get tight, and write original material… The band announced theirselves as a band last April, and released their killer debut EP “chemical-x” in June of last year. Since then, they’ve played lots of shows, wrote more tunes, and came out with their second EP “highly volatile” last month in February, with 5 tracks.

These guys are inspired by classic punk bands like the Uniform Choices, Circle Jerks, Descendents, and Black Flag. If you like classic punk rock, you’ll dig the band. Their tunes are fast, ferocious, and to the point. 


I really recommend you to listen this shit, definitly gonna blow your head off!!

Highly Volatile by Chemical-X

Chemical-X members

Scott Mangino – drums

Jaden Mangino – guitar

Adam Avila – vocals,

JC baltodano – bass

Chemical-X contact

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