Blood on Blood

We got the pleasure of interview a hardcore band based in Bamberg, Germany (the band your mothers, teachers and priests warned you about) Truth & Tragedy.

Truth & Tragedy

These guys are releasing their new EP ‘Blood on Blood’ which returns to their darker, heavier roots. ‘Blood on Blood’ comprises three tracks which epitomise the duality of T&T.

1. How is everything going these crazy days?

It’s going well. We’re super busy as always. Writing, recording, planning releases and videos as well as shows and tours – on top of all the normal jobs, studies and family lives. We’re happy to be so busy after the past two years though!

2. Who are Truth & Tragedy?

Truth & Tragedy are Aaron, Freddy, Domi, Kai, and Vitali. Just five weirdos from all over the world; US, Germany, Russia. 

3. What do you guys think about this shit happening in Ukraine and Russia?

Of course we think it’s terrible that something like that can happen in 2022. But it’s not the average person’s fault. It’s the failure of our governments to learn how to be adults and figure it the fuck out, without making it a dick-measuring contest at the cost of the average Joe. 

4. How about if you guys talk to us about your new shit coming?

After our last release “Kelvin’s Not a Rockstar Yet”, which was more of a fun throwback to the rock greats we were raised on, we kinda wanted to go back to what we based Truth & Tragedy on. We wanted to go back to that raw, unfiltered sound that we started with on our first releases. However, where the theme of those first songs was about the fallout of coming back from war and dealing with PTSD and substance abuse, this EP, “Blood on Blood” will have a family theme. 

But in classic T&T fashion, it will be about the duality of that theme, so we focus on both the dark and the light aspects of family. The guilt and anger that can come from losing a loved one (“My Brother’s Keeper”), to the joy and bliss of bringing a new life into the family (“Neo”), and everything connecting those two (“Artery”). 

5. How was the process of making it?

It was much the same as the process for our last releases. In the past, Freddy wrote and recorded the music and Aaron wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals. Since then we have grown from a 2-man show to a 5-man band, so some of these other guys are having more input in the writing and recording process as well. One big difference is that Aaron now lives in the UK while the rest of the band is in Germany, so we have to use a little modern technology when it comes to recording everyone’s parts – but it all comes together in the end!

6. Will the album be physical (if so, where and when)?

Since we didn’t do any physical copies of our last release due to it being a single, we are planning on doing a physical release for “Blood on Blood”, which will be available at our online shop, in CD form, and possibly even in vinyl.

7. Something to add…

Thanks for having us and stay safe out there!

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