HOLEHOG is a Hardcore Punk from Sacramento, California.

These 4 guys decided to release their 2nd album named “Dystopian Reality”, recorded and mixed on Sept. 25-26, Oct. 6, Nov-Dec 2021 with 14 new songs.

If you like bands like A Global Threat and Aus Rotten, this band is for you!!

Holehog is a source of raw positivity. Intensity, aggression, sincerity, and struggle are presented without reservation. Completely uninhibited and unhinged. Personal and societal struggles are addressed with conviction and poetic prowess, and the anger and desperation are palpable. The band have known each other for fifteen + years by having played shows together in a myriad of projects including Dcoi, Brain Rash, Ssyndrom, Great Apes and Monster Squad

Listen to this shit and buy their it HERE

Self released on Addicted to Chaos

100 Red Vinyl (band copies)

250 Black Vinyl

Vinyl includes 11×17 poster

100 Black tapes – 2nd press

100 Red tapes – 1st press – sold out

Holehog is:
Jason Ruggles: Vocals 

Doug Wellmon: Guitar

Beau Galabasa: Drums

Matthew Kadi: Bass

Holehog Contact

Facebook Instagram

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