SOCIETY’S ILLS is a fast punk rock band from Montréal, Québec highly influenced by SNFU, The Other and Bad Religion.

Their fourth studio album LORE is out now comprised of stories, historical accounts and legends often morbid or dark in nature drawn from the annals of Canada’s storied history. Recorded by the unsurpassable Ryan Battistuzzi and mastered at the legendary Blasting Room, these twelve new tracks are sure to please the few people who still listen to punk rock!

12 killer tracks full of guitar and bass intros with groovy riffs will let you realize that punk rock still alive as fuck! I give a 9/10 to this record!

Society Sills contact

Facebook E-mail

Society Sills members

Skid Marc – Bass and backup vocals

Brent Over – Drums

The Naj – Lead vocals

Danarky – Guitar and backup vocals

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