Dammit Records Label

Dammit Records are a brand new DIY label formed in January 2021, based in South East England.
They initially released ‘SNIDE – Punk-sutawny’ in March 2021. Closely followed by Mad Mulligans from
NYC ep, ‘Who are the Mad Mulligans?’ Both have proven a success and are consistently selling
months after release.
They are looking for bands that either have not had any coverage in UK or bands that they feel deserve an
opportunity to be heard, but may not have the resources or network know-how.
They released ‘Dammit Blast and Other Expletives, Volume 1’ in August 2021. It promotes six bands
with twenty-three tracks on a compilation that shows exactly the reason why Dammit Records came
into existence. These bands and many like them deserve to be heard… This is their mission.
To listen to these bands and others in the future, go to their Bandcamp page HERE.

Dammit Records contact

Bandcamp Instagram Facebook

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