DCxPC Supporting live music by booking punk, hardcore, ska and metal shows in Central Florida and releasing live concert albums on limited-edition vinyl have released another rad 7″ live split record with Curtains and Swift Knuckle Solution.

Curtains are a band from Orlando, Florida playing with high-energy and guitar distortions that will blow your head off! These 3 songs were recorded live via livestream during the pandemic in the summer of 2021 … Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joshua Dobbs and Danger Room Studios. Livestream by Steve (RATH) Cee and No Vacancy Media.

Swift Knuckle Solution are from Orlando as well, they do fast melodies and come hard with ‘80s hardcore velocity. Their songs are heavies with a solid bass sound… this is my first time I listened to these guys, but I’m sure is not gonna be the last.

This vinyl looks so elegant on red, just for a real collector… Only 165 pressed and will never be repressed.!


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