Deepest Condolences

Hardcore punk rock and some ska like my mom used to listen is what CALL IN DEAD from Orlando, Florida are playing or they’re triyng to… these cool guys released their first full length album featuring original singer Jaeh Peck called “Deepest Condolences” with 16 tracks, some of them belong to their LIVE Volume 1 split with 2AMATURE via DCXPC where I first listened to them like Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans and Summer Camp … a Minor Theat’s cover and another new songs!!

I just got a nice red vinyl copy with a solid sound on my turntable where you can enjoy strong and powerful bass and guitar riffs, fast an angry drums and of course an aggressive voice singing their lyrics full of protest.

Released by Wrecking Crew Record; recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Danger Room Recording Services in Orlando, FL.

Listen it here and order your copy HERE

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