Old Friends from East Coast

In a small part of my teenage life I had the opportunity to live in New Jersey / New York.
I got to know a lot of good bands and I’ve always identified very much with the East Coast. Today I bring you a new band formed in 2020 and some of their material and announce what they are cooking.

Old Friends are a power trio from the North Jersey/New York punk scene with one objective in mind: “To throw away all of the raggedy past while still embracing it, and become something together, defined by our future and the path we might take.

The band is dropping their first single, “Missing” on January 27th with the EP to follow on February 10th

I had the opportunity to listen to the EP and I guarantee that if you are a fan of Hot Water Music and The Menzingers you will love it; it’s simply and well elaborated EP with the Old Friends strengths.

The record delves into complicated emotions felt by working-class folks on an everyday basis. The guys really do represent, perhaps unintentionally (and certainly candidly), the perpetual melee of having to get up and go despite life’s tribulations, as all three members work as laborers. 

Go check their last LIVE shit here and wait for their new EP to be out!


Old Friends members

Matt (vocals/guitar)

Rob (vocals/bass)

Tom (drums)

Old Friends contact

Instagram Facebook

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