They don´t give a Fuck!

Why the hell do we veterans insist on Punk Rock? For that there is only one answer, we love it AF!!

In recent years I have had the opportunity to meet many bands made up of veterans (like me) and so far I have not been disappointed.

Today I present to you a trio from the state of Indianapolis, USA called THE REMOTE CONTROLS formed in Fall 2021. They released their first album ST with 10 fast songs in 2022; the record has a unique sound without the need for outrageous distortions on their guitar.

Championed by the likes of SLOPPY SECONDS and THE QUEERS… now is PUNK ROCK MAG turn:

“I was writing this piece of write and listening the album, damn I listened 3 times; I forgot I was writing … keep the great shit going and I’m waiting for the new album”.

Diego – PRM


Listen to their shit here…

If you liked their stuff, you must buy a copy HERE …. yes, HERE


The Remote Controls members

Ivin Henz – Drums

Alex Helmbrecht – Vocals / Guitar

Bret Johnson – Bass / Vocals

The Remote Controls Contact

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