The Vitals are a 4-piece outfit from Winnipeg, MB, playing moody Post Punk mixed with gritty Rock n’ Roll. 

‘Anesthetics’ is their new EP released in November 2022 … it brings a slightly different sound to their latest releases; since their post-punk sound sounds even more mature than it can be easily noticed.

Normally when you heard the word POST-PUNK it always brings to mind bands like; Joy Division, The Fall, Siouxsie and The Banshees; but all of them were the pioneers and responsible for bands like The Vitals continuing to maintain the essence of post-punk from the 80’s alive and adding the essence of the current era.

Despite the fact that in their first material, I was fascinated with thes song ‘Tiny Fishes‘, in this new EP I was hooked with ‘Fenestella’.

I don’t wanna be the next in line


An excellent EP recorded and mixed pre-pandemic by J. Riley Hill that reveals that there are still some bands doing things very well.

Check this rad EP here and let us know what you think…

The Vitals members

Jimmy Shand: Drums/Vocals
Pat Ross: Bass
Rob Hill: Guitar/Synth
Sean Andert Guitar/Vocals

The Vitals contact

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