Do you like old school shit? Well, today is your lucky day… we wanna introduce you an Old School Punk Rock band from North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Tall Pork have a raw sound with influences like DOA and Bad Brains; the band just released their first full length album, “The Last Thing You’ll Ever Hear…”. with twelve tracks on it!

The album combines elements of hardcore punk, crust punk, and metal, with lyrics that address topics such as crazy true stories and social issues. If you enjoy this kind of sounds, this album may be to your liking.

From my perspective the album is well produced and the musicianship is very well crafted with tight performances and strong songwriting…. but the best way to decide if it’s a good or a bad stuff, is listening by yourself.

Your momma never loved you and your dad was a nazi
You grew up on KD, Different Strokes and Fonzie
And for some reason you still love your country
Showing up at games in an all blue onesie

I’ll fight the alt-right
All fucking night

Tall Pork members

Vyvyan Bastard – guitar and vocals

Kevid Bastard – drums 

Pee Pee Bastard – bass

Davey McBastard – vocals

Tall Pork Contact

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