It looks like Canadian bands are getting some attention, and definitely Canada has some killer bands up there!

Today, I am presenting you All The Wasted Years. These guys are a punk rock band formed in 2011 in Timmins, Ontario. Their music is characterized by powerful guitar riffs, so if you know what I mean, be ready to listen to this band!

They released their first studio LP “High Blood Pressure” back in 2018. But, they have also released a few singles since then. In 2020, they released their new album called “I’m Fine,” which has a more mature sound.

This year, they are going to be releasing some singles and eventually an album. So, if you are a fan of bands like MXPX and The Ataris, you should definitely keep an eye on this band!

Check out their latest album here:

All The Wasted Years members

Nathan Radey – Lead vocalist / guitarist

Darcy Larouche – Guitarist / backup vocalist

Stephane Gaudet – Drummer

Eric Fortin – Bassist / backup vocalist

All The Wasted Years contact

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