Corporate Sponsored Sunday School

Walker and Wylde is a folk punk band from Montreal, Québec. Their members Blue Jay Walker is the guitarist and lead singer of the band, a Vagrant turned ‘legitimate’ business man. Ixc, a trans activist and aspiring MLM leader, is the bassist and harmony singer.

They are presenting their 2nd LP, Corporate Sponsored Sunday School. The album is a New Orleans Jazz Inspired Folk Punk album that takes people through the important life lessons not enough people teach their kids: How to get rich or die trying. Though the album often reaches into the satirical, it expands itself across many styles and genres into brutally honest reflections of life, society and the state of the world. Inspired by the group’s experience living as full time artists, the real emotions that are scattered across the album are presented through complex melodic harmonies and clever lyrics.

The album offers a diverse and engaging musical experience; showcases their versatility by seamlessly blending various genres, including folk and folk/punk creating a unique sonic landscape

The vocals are passionate and expressive, delivering the messages with conviction and authenticity. The production quality is solid, allowing the instrumentation to shine through and showcase the band’s musicianship.

Overall, “Corporate Sponsored Sunday School” is a captivating and thought-provoking album that showcases Walker and Wylde’s musical talent and artistic vision.

*Fav song:

Hallelujah the cheque came in
Spend a little more to wash away your sin

“Fat Cat”

Walker and Wylde contact

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