From downtown San Francisco, CA this crappy Punk Rock band called THE REJECTED released their debut album (2020) “The Rejected SF” on vinyl.

They sent a beautiful copy to Cartago, Costa Rica (hell yeah! my home man!!), very excited I opened it and found some cool stickers and a poster with their lirycs and some brutal photos their; after, searching for the vinyl I found a beautiful red colored bad boy there (damn!!!).

It’s time to spinning this shit on my turntable and yes “This is what I’m talking about”, 14 tracks with a lot of controversial topics there (police and political abuse, society, banks, suicide and more shit).

You can listen some rad guitar riffs, fast drums and old school bass sounds… with a crappy and frantic voice!! Just like GBH shit!!

I’m definitely not dissapoited of this album.. it’s hard to decide which songs are my favorites, but I had to chose “Sick Society” and “Fucking mondays”…

I’m just added it to my Best of 2020 Spotify’s playlist.

If anyone is interested on a copy contactthese guys DM for the dirt cheap price that will get this delivered to your door. I really recommend to do it!!

My score: 9/10

The Rejected SF

The Rejected members

Adam – Fast shit drums

Andy – Killer guitar

Mike – Frantic voice

Will – Old school bass

The Rejected contact

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