3dbs DOWN

From Kent, UK Ska punk band 3dBs Down have released their first record for 15 years named “Get your retaliation in first” via Engineer records with 13 tracks full of ska, punk rock and pop punk there; on digital Platforms on 25th January. (But now you can buy their shit on CD and Vinyl LP).

If you like bands like Less Than Jake, Save Ferris and 311, I bet you’re gonna love this guys!!

Their guitars, female chorus and a catchy rhythm with some fast and skanking drums will take you on a good time for sure!!

I give a 8.5 on this album!!! And I gonna add one of my favorites songs to my Spotify’s Best of 2021 playlist.

Today’s project: let’s start a new religion. (today) Not to subtract from whatever you believe in (your faith) But stop telling us we should be on our knees.

Hang in there man

*Thanx to 3dbs Down for the gift*

3dbs Down Members

Joe Cooper
Si Fawcett
Matt Oastler
Tage Wood

3dbs Down Contact

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