Exhausted Cocks is a Swedish punk rock band. They released their album “Destroy music” recorded in the barn and at the rehearsalroom on Sogard, mixed by Fredrik Wester at audiodom studio and mastered by Anders Backelin. Via Devil’s grip.

They made a cool green tape with 11 songs, the cover art by Kristen Groth with a destroyed piano and buzz their will tell you what is inside (so be prepare to drink and listen to this).

The album has some metal, punk and rock n’ roll catchy sounds… with good distortions and junky voices.

Favarite song: “Bring me more”.

*Thanx to E.C. for the cool tape*

Take a look at this shit and if you liked it, I suggest you order a copy!!

Exhausted Cocks members

Martin – Drums and background vocals

PO – Bass and lead vocals

Tom – Guitar and lead vocals

Exhausted Cocks contact

Instagram YouTube

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