Who the hell are The Mad Mulligans?

That’s the name of a traditional punk/oi band from NYC, formed remotely during the first waves of the 2020 pandemic; influenced by bands like Blitz, and Sham 69. With members of The Krays, Skism (yeah, that bad ass band that I shared a couple days before here), Darkside and classic ska band Mephiskapheles.

They released this album on Rottenbastardrecords (USA) and now is remastered (UK version) from Dammitrecords with an extra killer song!!

The album is full of great oi chorus, classical guitars riffs and that english and american sounds together… is kind of weird and confuse cause you can listen part of The Krays and The Business at the same time (and that is what makes it interesting), I can’t imagine how this album would sounds on Vinyl!

–Fav song: “Boop Boop Dittum Dattum Wattum Choo” added on my Best of 2021 Spotify’s playlist.

No renumeration

No savage tears of war

A brutal boring domination


This is the kind of gift that you really want everyday on your mail (Thanx pals for this bad boy).

I give 9/10 to this record (you guys made a great shit) and 8/10 to the cover (cause I like to read the lyrics and this copy doesn’t has.. no big deal – damn I need to learn more english!)


The Mad Mulligans members

Johnny Kray

Albee Damned

Wynn Skism

Rich O’brien

The Mad Mulligans contact

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