Tomorrow’s Hangover

Today I am presenting you with Oppkast, a Norwegian punk rock band formed in 2017. They are an energetic, loud, and in-your-face melodic punk band that knows how to put the FU into FUN! They are influenced by NoFX, Millencolin, and No Use for a Name.

These guys released their las album “C2h5oh” back in 2019 with 16 tracks; now in 2023 they have released their new EP “Tomorrow’s Hangover” which features fast-paced drum beats and catchy guitar riffs that will make you want to move your ass.

With 6 tracks on it and a mix of fast punk rock and ska/reggae songs, these guys once again showed how the band is evolving.

*Fav song: “Fuck it all” … added on our Best of 2023 playlist.

If you’re a fan of bands like NOFX and Bad Religion, then Oppkast is definitely a band you should check out. You can listen to their new EP here…

Oppkast Members:

Albert Geldenhuys (guitar + vocals)

Pål Larsen (guitar + back-up vocals)

Nic Geldenhuys (bass)

Bengt Orstad (drums)

Steffen Bøe (guitar + back-up vocals)

There are rumors about a new party-fueled EP coming soon, so stay tuned to their social media profiles!

Oppkast Contact:

Instagram Facebook

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